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Refugees in Chad - The Road Forward


  • Refugees in Chad - The Road Forward
  • 10/6/2021 11:45:15 AM
  • Sahoo,Santosh Kumar Savadogo,Aboudrahyme Nguyen,Nga Thi Viet
  • 11/12/2021 12:14:00 PM
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  • Surrounded by pervasive conflicts in neighboring countries, Chad has received large numbers of refugees, asylum seekers, and returnees since the early 2000s, from Western Darfur, the Central African Republic, and most recently the Lake Chad Basin. As of January 2021, the country—itself one of the poorest in the world—was hosting nearly half a million refugees, more refugees per capita than any of the other African countries eligible for World Bank support for refugee- hosting countries. As these refugee situations become increasingly protracted, the challenge for Chad and its partners is to help refugees rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient while at the same time creating an environment in which refugees and Chadians can thrive together. But how can we transition from an approach based on humanitarian relief to one that provides an integrated response that can be sustained over time? Refugees in Chad: The Road Forward provides some critical insights to answer this question. It draws on a unique data source, one of the first national household surveys in Africa to cover refugees and host communities as well as the general population. It provides a renewed understanding of the challenges and opportunities for refugees and host communities. And it highlights ways to achieve real impact on the ground.

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